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Land dirt cheap

You could own gold mining claims and gold mining adventures along with your own airport, flying service, air taxi, hangers with aircraft service, fuel service, sightseeing business, office buildings, apartments, several houses, an RV Park, rental cabins, tavern, café, liquor store, convenience store and gas station,  4 x 4 tours on trails in remote, beautiful Alaska, jeep tours and much more.

OR - You may only be interested in one or two of these businesses.

We may be able to work together - whatever your budget or vision is.

Several opportunities for a business could be available in the future shopping center.

We are accepting applications for space leases and as soon as 75% rental is confirmed we plan to begin construction of the shopping center.

If you want to own a tavern and café we may be able to work out a lease.

If you want a convenience store and fuel station we may be able to work out a lease.

If you want an RV Park we may be able to work out a lease.

The entire business opportunity is available to a qualified group or individuals. Or, each individual aspect of the entire operation is available to a qualified tenant.

Construction permits and business permits will be applied for after minimum occupancy is attained.

To contact us send a letter explaining your business vision and intentions to:

Gmapa Inc. Duffy’s

PO Box 141005

Anchorage, Alaska 99514

To the attention of: Mr. M. Turney

Phone: 907-822-GOLD (4653) (msg in the winter)

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Photo taken from Highway below or click the photo to go to the website for a Photo Gallery

Duffy’s Roadhouse in Alaska



Originally 40 acres which was divided into six lots. The highway right of way takes acreage off of the useable land and negotiations are forthcoming for lot 3 but there is still a lot of land and it fronts on the main highway from the US through Canada and Alaska with over 2,600 feet of highway frontage. Duffy’s has a runway/airstrip which is shown on all aeronautical charts as Duffy’s Tavern Airport.

It could be open year round or seasonal. Or -